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GIFT A FUTURE to those children who still live in poverty when we
enjoy dignified life.
Devoted to the Early Education

The NGO that is not limited to one type of charity in general because we are willing to serve everyone who needs help as well involve anyone who wants to help.

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Rejoyce Mustard Garden Trust supports every child in Valpadi Village, Moodbidre and
their underprivileged families by providing them their basic necessities of life. We also
work at restoring a child’s sense of self-worth, belonging and hope for the future in order for them to reach their full potential as young adults.

The Charity Pageant will be raising funds for the below listed items:

  • Home Maintenance projects/home demolish and re-construction projects for the underprivileged still living in bad condition without proper flooring and good roof.
  • An Educational Grant that will assist underprivileged families by providing their children basic education requirement i.e. annual stationary supplies, school bag, summer camp, various competition rewards etc.
  • Computer Lab & Mini Library for the Anegudde school, Valpadi Village.
  • Solar light facility for those still living without electricity.
  • Mustard Clinic with Pharmacy facility (village has 80 plus families with no pharmacy / clinic facility).

Mustard Clinic project will be done in phases:
1. First phase is to buy or lease a plot for the clinic inside Valpadi Village, anybody interested in donating or leasing their land free for the clinic are most welcome.

2. Proposing few hospitals in Mangalore for their franchise which could be easier to set up a clinic

We are Mustard Garden

Mustard Seeds

Enrolled children are termed as Mustard seeds.
Our main motto is to help the underprivileged families to overcome poverty and change their lives through education.

Mustard team

Apart from mustard seeds, we have mustard team who help and work for the betterment of our society. They also act as the backbone for the elderly and the needy in our society.

Mustard members

We are proud to have our mustard members who ensure that the mustard seeds are maintained. They also provide direction and supervision to the mustard garden.

Mustard Stationary

The children who are termed as mustard seeds and are part of the project receive a mustard goody bag from Mustard Stationary.

The NGO that is not limited to one type of charity in general because we are willing to serve everyone who needs help as well involve anyone who wants to help.

Children growing in poverty face tough challenges: hunger and
malnutrition, limited access to education, medical services, social discrimination and
isolation. So together we transform the lives of children in poverty with your support.

Children growing in poverty needs more empowering: basic shelter, proper hygiene, electricity, clothing, nutritious food, stationary. etc. So together we Empower the lives of children in poverty with your support.

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Projects & Programs

Together we can change the world. Find out more about upcoming Mustard events


Valpadi Charity Program – @ Anegudde School, ValpadI

Distribution of below listed items during Valpadi Village Charity program 2018:

  • 110 Nos. of School bag, drawing kit & blankets
  • Electrical/furniture requirements as requested by the school
  • Games room facility for the school
  • Medals, Sports certificates & Championship Cups for Sports winners
  • Groceries for 30 Nos. of student family

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Miss & Mrs Mangaluru 2018 charity pageant

First time in Mangalore, Charity pageant will be organized by Rego Events in order to spread social awareness in the city.
Finalist will do their social cause assignment and will also be responsible for spreading awareness in the city. They will also raise funds for the poor and support the anegundy villagers and the school

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