Mustard Garden

A Progressive NGO built for the here and now

Mustard Seeds

Enrolled children are termed as Mustard seeds. Our main motto is to help the underprivileged families to overcome poverty and change their lives through education.

Mustard team

Apart from mustard seeds, we have mustard team who help and work for the betterment of our society. They also act as the backbone for the elderly and the needy in our society.

Mustard members

We are proud to have our mustard members who ensure that the mustard seeds are maintained. They also provide direction and supervision to the mustard garden.

Mustard Stationary

The children who complete their school admission receives a mustard bag from Rejoyce Mustard Stationary.

Project Timeline

  1. Anegudde school project @ Valpadi Village – from 21st Dec 2018 – Completed
    1. Grocery distribution to 30 families in the village 
    2. School bags, books, blankets distribution to 110 children in school 
    3. Donated Games Room to Anegudde School.
  2. Miss & Mrs Mangaluru Charity Pageant – Season 1 – Completed.
    1. Charity Pageant on 23rd Dec 2018
    2. Donated funds to Riya Foundation for Special needs (Pics available)
    3. Donated funds to Karunamaya trust
    4. Donated funds to Samvedana trust
  1. Anegudde school project @ Valpadi Village – from 21st March 2019 onwards
    1. Academic Subject Artwork for Anegudde school completed
    2. Solar Light facility for 3 families/home completed
    3. Cheque Distribution to Dinakar Family suffering from Kidney failure completed
    4. Lunch gathering with Anegudde students and staff completed
    5. Summer Camp for Anegudde school and nearby students including parents (topic on children personal hygiene & nutrition). – in progress (May 2019) 
  2. Miss & Mrs Mangaluru charity pageant – season 2 – in progress (July 2019)

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